Preschool is your child’s first introduction to structured learning. At Debary Sonshine Academy, we strive to make that introduction the best it can be. Our staff is experienced, well-trained and caring, and we work to create an environment where children can safely learn, play and grow.

Located in Debary, FL, we have been enrolling students in West Volusia since our founding in 1999. We offer Christian faith-based preschool programs for children from 18 months old to five years old, introducing them to age-appropriate educational concepts. We are committed to promoting child development, as well as building family relationships, as we are supportive of students’ in both their personal and academic lives.

Colored crayons on top of a chalkboard.

Preparing Students for Kindergarten
& Beyond

• Clean, safe, child friendly environment
• Age appropriate access to toys and classroom supplies
• Display of children's activities and creations

• Acceptance of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds
• Warm, encouraging, understanding approach to individual needs
• Uses a pleasant tone of voice
• Helps children to manage behavior in a positive, constructive and non threatening manner
• Attentive and interacts with children
• Provides stimulating, interesting and educational activities
• Communicates well with parents

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